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Our Story

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It all started a year ago when our team was invited to give seminar on “Digital Presence For Photography Business” by Photography & Videography Association Pune, India. By closely understanding the photography business as a third person’s view. We really appreciated the work they are doing and energy they are putting into their business. We wanted to help photographers to manage their business more easily and effectively so to start with we came up with idea to replace photographer’s diaries and excel sheets by better and smart way to be organised.

We launched the app called Orderbook in 2017 which got really good response and good reviews. Many photographers were suggesting us changes and improvements. App users were very happy and they were sharing the app with their colleagues and groups.

We understand the value of role of this app into the business of photographers and decided to give it a more specialized approach.

Here comes Camrilla – First Photographer’s Personal Assistant App.

Camrilla is word derived from word CAMARILLA – meaning community or group of people.

Camrilla satisfies all basic needs of photographers and videographers.

For successful and profitable business being organised is very important. Simple task of getting orders and receiving payment plays very important role in every business. Most of the business owners even dont know what are the payments yet their clients have not paid them. Receiving pending payments helps business owners and freelancers to maintain their cashflow.

With this first version of Camrilla we are trying to give photographers and videographers top view of their business. It gives answers to

How much orders I have?

How much orders I have closed?

What is the turnover of business this month?

What is the pending amount yet to receive?

What is my schedule for next months?

Reminding about events in advance?

Truly Camrilla is one stop solution for all this and we promise to make this app even better and more helpful to all shutterbugs out their. It is only possible with all your help and support and suggestions.

Looking forward to have an amazing journey with you all!

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