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BlogIs your photography business alive online?

Is your photography business alive online?

No. Then its a serious thing to look at. Clients is the only thing any photography business runs around. Getting new clients and keep retaining the old ones is the basic thing every business owner is concerned about.

While getting new clients there are few ways available like.

  1. By Reference
  2. By Searching online
  3. By Looking in Local search Directory (Hard copy book which are long gone)
  4. By store front if you are a store owner

Lets consider the 1st and 2nd options as other two are not productive ones.

By Reference :

For getting reference or recommendation from old clients or colleagues or your business network is best way to get new clients.  The conversion rate of this way is real good as the client is getting some good review about your product or services you offering. So they are already half convinced.
Now  second part is the product or service cost which will be decision maker.

This type has one important disadvantage though. There are not enough references each time. So you can not rely on references all the time. Businesses like photography can not grow only on references.

By Searching Online:   

When we compare the online advertising with offline advertising, online advertising is cost effective and it can reach to the your exact target audience. You can reach online to people based on gender, age group, locality, interest and many, which can help you to get exact customer your photography business needs. It is a quick and short review on online advertising. We can discuss how online is better than offline in another article.

So for advertising online your business should be present online.

No matter which way it is alive it should be present online. So that the people who see your advertise can reach out to you.

Here are few basic steps which can help you to get your photography business online.

  1. Register on Google My Business

Its a simplest and basic thing to start with. Click here and register your business with google my business. As its a local directory if anybody searches online photography services they can find your business easily. So this potential customer can call you from your business listing.

  1. Create a Facebook Page

Facebook page is another online property which you can own for free.
Having business Facebook page will not only give identity to your business but also on Facebook page you can showcase your work by sharing posts to online world out there.

  1. Create Instagram Account

Facebook owned company Instagram is also popular for its images and video content. You can create your business account on Instagram and by posting your work with Hashtags can also help you reach more audience world wide. Getting more followers on Instagram can be your New Years resolution.

  1. Design Business Website

Last but not the least your business must have a professional photography website. Website is like a sales person for your business working and selling your services 24 x 7 and 365 days and best part without a leave.

I bet you must love that. Right?
Website can showcase your business identity, business history, about founders, clients and portfolios too.

If you want your business to stay alive online this article is just a tip of the iceberg.

So again is your business alive online?

Thank you,
Team Camrilla

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